Bolt Action: Korea — Warlord’s most ambitious supplement yet?

It’s no secret that Bolt Action is one of my favorite wargaming rulesets. Though it may not be as historically accurate as many other WWII wargames, its mechanics are highly enjoyable and it is easily accessible to new gamers. In the past, I have bought supplement books for Bolt Action, including several army and theater books. I also have bought supplements for other Warlord games (such as Black Powder). When the Bolt Action: Korea supplement was announced, I knew that I would buy it eventually. Unfortunately, at the time I did not have any armies suitable for the Korean War. However, recently I found some Bolt Action miniatures on sale and decided to start a US army. As I was submitting my order, I couldn’t resist adding the Korea supplement to my shopping cart. It ended up being a good decision.

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