Unboxing: Warlord Epic Battles ACW Starter Set (Deluxe Preorder)

Today I finally got my deluxe pre-order edition of Warlord Games’s new hot game — Epic Battle American Civil War (ACW). Its not actually a new game, though, just mini miniatures for an existing game in a smaller scale than Warlord usually sells. If you’re new to wargaming, this may sound ridiculous, but actually its a really big deal. While many gamers already play large-scale battles with small-scale miniatures, they almost always have to play with metal models that are fragile, heavy, and often expensive. These new models from Warlord are the first small-scale (around 13mm) ACW miniatures I have seen in hard plastic, and boy are they nice. So lets take a look at this box set and see what I got.

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